Courses and Programs

Overview of Courses and Programs
Education Access Network offers courses and programs to highly motivated students in middle school, high school, and above. Classroom and live courses are held on a college or university campus. EAN also offers online, individualized study, and community-based workshops, courses, and programs at community centers and schools.
Current Curriculum
College Planning and Standardized Test Preparation Courses for High School Students and Adults (1999-Present)

    • SAT & ACT Preparation
    • SAT & ACT Weekend Intensive Preparation
        - English/Writing/Reading Prep Weekend
        - Math Prep Weekend
        - Science Prep Weekend
        - SAT and ACT Practice Test Weekend
    • General Standardized Test Preparation
    • Preparing the College Admissions Essay and Application
    • Writing the Scholarship Essay
    • Time Management & Study Skills for Academic Success
    • Math Review for Standardized Tests
    • English/Writing Review for Standardized Tests
    • SAT II & AP Subject Review
    • College Planning and Preparation
    • Individualized Study

Classroom and Live Course Options

April 2015
  SAT Workshop
  ACT Workshop
May 2015
  Dates for SAT and ACT workshops TBD
June 2015
  No Classes Available
  SAT/ACT Intensive Preparation Course
Complete course information and application materials will posted on March 20, 2015.

Online Course Options

SAT Online Course - TestMentor

Proceeds from the sale of this course are used to provide free and low cost access to Education Access Network courses.
The online course will help you prepare for the SAT exam. Course features include:
  • Diagnostic Exam
  • Practice Worksheets for Every Subject - 490+
  • Memory Trick Flashcards - 700+
  • Quizzes for Every Topic - 490+
  • 6 Full Length Practice Tests
  • 7 Types of Analytical Reports to Measure Your Performance
  • Personalized Dashboard

To pay for the course, use the form below. Within 1 business day after Education Access Network receives notification that you paid for the course, Education Access Network will send you an email with a login and password to access the Current Students page located on this website. The email will include a coupon code so you can complete the course registration process and access the course.

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If you already paid and were provided with a login, password, and coupon code by email, please go to the Current Student Page and sign in so you can complete the registration process.

Individualized Courses and Tutoring Options

Individualized/Tutoring Options
- For information, contact us as at

SAT and ACT Exam Dates
  • SAT Exam Dates:
    For a complete and current list, please click here.
  • ACT Exam Dates:
    For a complete and current list, please click here.

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